​Chief Medical Office

The Chief Medical Office (CMO) is responsible for the management and organization of practitioners, including physicians, dentists, chiropractors, nurse practitioners and midwives who have been granted privileges to work within the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA).

The primary responsibilities of this office are to:

  • Establish an organizational structure that supports the achievement of health outcomes and ensures the delivery of practitioner services within the SHA.
  • Participate in management discussions and decisions regarding strategic planning, financial and program planning and human resource planning, as well as develop, implement and evaluate patient, client and resident care programs and services.
  • Provide leadership and direction on matters related to clinical organization and advances in medical technology, as well as practitioner staff compensation, recruitment, orientation and retention.
  • Grant practitioner staff appointments, re-appointments and privileging and ensure that the appropriate review processes are in place and consistent with applicable legislation, bylaws and rules.
  • Collaborate with the Area Chiefs of Staff to ensure that patient, client and resident concerns regarding the quality of practitioner care are resolved in a timely manner.
  • Encourage, promote and foster:
    • The professional and ethical conduct of practitioner staff in relation to their practice, teaching, research and interactions with others, and address concerns arising from professional and ethical conduct.
    • The participation of practitioner staff in continuing education on an ongoing basis, as well as teaching and research within the province.